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Our first Blog Post - We are all in this together.

by Chodar Tenzin 25 Mar 2020 39 Comments

So yes, it's happening; I actually built (and still am building) our website & online store. Usually we go around street fairs and shows, in the open air, which were supposed to be back very soon. We already felt the spring in the air, especially with this "no-winter", but global warming will be another blog post. Suddenly, something bigger than all of us is here; Covid-19. The lock-down is getting tighter and tighter and we are out of the daily race and down to neutral gear you can say, and there is this thing, time. You know- the thing that values in more pressure than money if you ask me. When we are in our booth, I get this question again and again; "Don't you have an online store??", and I have to make excuses. I always promise it will happen soon, and now that's the first thing I'm trying to do. In this suddenly short window of time, you suddenly actually feel your guts inside and there are so many things that are actually waiting to come out, so many things that were suppressed inside, and for me it's probably the guilt of delaying it for so long and disappointing our customers, and also of course the need to create a space of work and put out the merchandise that we already prepared for the season, which is not coming soon after all. Overall it's okay, because now we should think about the health and safety of all. This is actually what I wanted to write about, about us, but not us (Tenzin&me), I mean we- we all. I'm sure there is more wisdom and life lessons to come from this pandemic situation the world is in today, and the first one I feel, Just for the 1st week of "stay home" here in NYC, is the lesson and understanding of WE.
It takes me back to when I and Tenzin met back in India in 2000. One of the first things Tenzin told me is that I should go to Vipassana; 10 days of silence and meditation courses. He was already an old student and his life was all about it, and already before going he was triggering me with questions: "Where is your mind? Is it here? There? What is I and mine? etc. etc. 

It only took us a few months to find a place and time to let ourselves take a break and join the Vipassana course of 10 days; for the first time for me, and maybe 4th of Tenzin's. This enlightenment from inside that came to me this week of "We We We" threw me back to the 1st and strongest wisdom I discovered from the 10 days of silence and of the in-whole meditation course; the loss of "I & Mine". Not in the sense of losing yourself; you are here and there and everywhere, and you exist, but you don't need to grasp to this "I and me" and be possessive to "this is mine". You are actually part of a whole. What is all this "I I I"? You get dizzy; you are making your life and energy like a hurricane, and you are the eye of this hurricane, while everything is around this "I", and this is actually what makes you exhausted.
With the years, I believe this first wisdom and insight remains with me to one of the strongest extents. Hearing "I I I" always makes my ear jump up nowadays.
What if I told you there is no "I"? The "I" is constantly changing, but "we"- "we" is always part of a whole. WE are together in this cosmos.
And this is the first thing that coming & telling us now. Get into your "I", alone, in social distancing for the WE; for the sake of all humanity, because we have to think about all, EVERYONE to be able to survive get through this crisis together, 
It's a new law of life that probably come to teach us something. Just distance yourself, and in all this anxiety and unknown, every time you think to yourself "I": but "I" have rent to pay, "I" have kids at home now "I" don't know how I will buy food, try to change this "I" to "We" and know that you are not alone. It's not just that for sure there is someone out there with the exact same problem; it's really that WE are all in the same boat.


Changing the I to We will make you so much lighter. We are all facing this together, and we are all even and equal and we all have so much ahead of us, so please keep safe and you don't have to be strong, just be with us, and I promise I will continue to write and try to make this on-line space a gateway space for all.


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09 Apr 2020 ImaniGayle

I am a loyal customer because your merchandise supports my spiritual practice and way of living. Your wares have also proved to be wonderful for gifting others. Tenzin and yourself both have very loving and caring personalities. From Manhattan to Brooklyn – it’s always a joy to visit your booth and introduce you to friends. It’s not simply a sale. It’s an experience! Congratulations on this online store and blog. Continued Success, Wellness, and Blessings 🙏💛

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