Velvet Tote Bags

A velvet tote bag is a soft and plush bag made from luxurious velvet fabric. It's super spacious and have pockets. Velvet tote bags come in various colors and styles and can be dressed up or down for any occasion.

General Description:

Unveil the charm of versatility with our Reversible Bohemian Velvet Tote Bag, perfect for the eclectic spirit. Fashioned from premium velvet on one side and pure cotton on the other, this bag offers a vibrant patchwork design that pops in any setting. It's designed to cater to both practicality and style with a spacious interior and convenient pockets, making it an ideal companion for your daily ventures or a stylish outing.


The bag measures 19 inches in width, 15 inches in height, and 5.5 inches in depth, with handles that are 11 inches long, ensuring a comfortable carry.

Key Feature:

This tote bag is reversible, doubling the style options. Switch from a lush velvet experience to a classic cotton feel as you desire. Detailed photos showcase its unique patterns and the high-quality craftsmanship behind each stitch.

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